Could Python supplant Java?

d2002xx d2002xx at
Mon Aug 19 08:40:19 EDT 2002

> an anonymous coward "d2002xx" wrote in comp.lang.python:

Uhhh... when I become anonymous coward "d2002xx"?? My name is only
d2002xx. Ah! Are you slashdot member?

> > What!? Those guys don't know java projects in are
> > growing much faster than python and C++!
> Freshmeat and Sourceforge are nowadays a gigantic junk heap. So I'd
> rather not judge a language by the number of SF projects using it
> ;-)

But why not?? I don't understand... Doesn't the number reflect the
activity of a language? (At least the project number of a dying
language doesn't grow fast, not?)

> Dunno. My guess is that this won't happen, as Java's syntax sugar
> for multithreading doesn't make it particularly flexible in
> multithreading environments, IMO. Does the Java standard library
> even have something equivalent to Queue.Queue?

Hmmm.. I forget something more important, don't mind. :)

Would you tell me what's "Dunno"? I can't find it in my dictionary.

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