[VPython] Integrate into C++-App - how? Other ways to do simulations from C++ and Python?

F. GEIGER fgeiger at datec.at
Tue Aug 13 19:56:31 CEST 2002

Hi all,

I have to evaluate how to integrate a 3d-simulation simulating a goods
producing plant into a VC++ app (MFC). To simulate means showing the plant
and moving the goods thru the plant by sending kind of commands to an
ActiveX or whatever. The events for those commands will come from a PLC.

I remembered VPython. Its Stonehendge sample shows, that it would be a snap
to do it in Python. Alas, the simulation has to be built into a C++ app. But
I at least could do all the prototyping with Python, if VPython were able to
be integrated into C++ apps.

So, does VPython own an engine, which can be built into a C++ app? Or is
this engine the raw OpenGL lib? Any experiences anyone in this regard? Any
other suggestions to achieve this task? As I am completely new to 3d-sim,
OpenGL etc. I'd prefer a toolkit, which can be used from Python, because
then there would be one thing less getting into my way.

Any hint is appreciated. Many thanks in advance and best regards

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