McMillan Installer and win32file

Jean-Sébastien Philippe js.philippe at
Wed Aug 14 17:09:05 CEST 2002

I have developped a small application with Activestate Python 2.2.1 on
a Windows XP machine - and I have built a distribution package with
McMillan Installer (version 5b3.1). The package does not work on
Windows NT4 or Windows 2000 (but works perfectly on Windows XP boxes).
I get the following output:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<string>", line 6, in ?
  File "C:\Download\Python\installer_5b3.1\Installer\", line 274,
in importHook
  File "C:\Download\Python\installer_5b3.1\Installer\", line 348,
in doimport
  File "C:\Download\Python\installer_5b3.1\Installer\", line 181,
in getmod
  File "C:\Download\Python\installer_5b3.1\Installer\", line 46,
in getmod
ImportError: DLL load failed: unable to find the procedure
with a message box: unable to find the entry point for the procedure
'RtlRegisterSecureMemoryCacheCallBack' in the dynamic link library

My application relies on win32file and fails when trying to import it
(the line 6 in the previous traceback). I have made a small sample app
with all import(win32com.client, pythoncom, ...) but the win32file,
and it works on all Windows versions. Reading the Installer
documentation, I think I should try something with the runtime hooks
but I could not figure out what to do. Should I modify the rthooks.dat
file or add something to the hooks directory ?

Thanks in advance


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