Python for CGI scripting

Dale Strickland-Clark dale at
Mon Aug 5 18:47:17 CEST 2002

Duncan Booth <duncan at> wrote:

>Another option that works quite nicely is to run your scripts inside a 
>Python web server and use Apache's reverse proxying to merge the Python 
>stuff back into the rest of your website. This is possibly the commonest 
>configuration for running Zope (which is excellent evidence that Python 
>websites really can scale). Even though it sounds like Zope may be overkill 
>for what you want, you could consider extracting the ZServer component and 
>using it separately.
>Doing it this way lets you keep the Python process completely separate from 
>the Apache server (even to run it on a separate machine if you wish) and 
>gives you freedom to run multiple python processes with simple load 
>balancing if that should become necessary.

Are you trying to scare me?
Dale Strickland-Clark
Riverhall Systems Ltd

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