Articles, books, and a Cookbook...

Benno benjl at
Mon Aug 19 05:02:50 CEST 2002

Ron Stephens <rdsteph at> wrote in message news:<3D5F7133.2040508 at>...
> The code recipes range from the simplest a newbie can understsand and 
> learn from, to advanced concepts.

A quick question, that may seem troll like, but is definately not intended
to be. If a bit of code is good enough to be code recipe, isn't it good enough
to be put in a library?

Now admittidly some of these code fragments are small, and some are not even
an entire function, but a lot are and wouldn't it be more general use if these
were worked into proper libraries?

One good thing about the cookbook style is it makes the code very in your face
which is probably good in that people are almost forced into learning what it
does, but a lot of people don't necesarily care about the implementation and 
will just cut and paste the code verbatim anyway.

This isn't really python specific, but maybe interesting to others anyway.



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