Score One More For Python! Yay!

Richard Jones rjones at
Thu Aug 22 07:29:09 CEST 2002

On Thu, 22 Aug 2002 3:14 pm, Peter Hansen wrote:
> Dirk Collins wrote:
> > Picked up this feature article on Gamasutra from the 2002 game
> > developers conference.
> >
> > GDC 2002: Game Scripting in Python
> > Scripting languages allow rapid development of game behaviour without
> > the pitfalls that await the unwary C++ programmer. Using an existing
> > scripting language saves the time and cost of developing a custom
> > language, and typically gives you a far more powerful language than
> > you could create on your own.
> >
> > Python is an excellent choice for a game scripting language because...
> > The rest of this article you'll find at:
> >
> >
> Note, the link requires you to "join" before you can see the article.
> This means entering detailed personal information including email
> address, geographical address, and much demographic information.
> No doubt you can provide bogus answers for much of that, but in
> any event it's not "free"... you're at least spending your time.

Ignoring nit-picking about "free" and the value of a minute or two of your 
time when stacked against the value of personal development, the article is 
not terribly Earth-shattering for an existing Python user. It's good PR for 
the game development community to be reading though - and those people are 
already subscribed to Gamasutra.


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