3D game creation questions/survey

Torray Wallace torray at juxtopia.com
Fri Aug 16 18:55:26 CEST 2002

I'm doing some research into computer 3d game creation and I could really
use some help/opinions on some things. I'm not really interested in console
game development, but rather the desktop environment. Any help would be

1.      What is the best tool for developing 3D characters and at the same
time preserving their node hierarchy to code based manipulation?

2.      What packages exist to export node hierarchies from 3D character
models and what authoring packages (e.g., 3D studio max) do they best work

3.      What is the best computer language for dynamically controlling a 3D
character? (e.g., C++)

4.      What is the best tool for developing virtual reality environments

5.      What plugin in best suited to interacting with a web based 3D
character (e.g., Shockwave)?

6.      What is the best tool and/or method for incorporating AI into the

7.      What is the best workflow for developing autonomous characters
(e.g., 3D model development, texturing, export node, develop manipulation
code, add AI)

8.      What is the de facto standard polygon count for web based or game 3D

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