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Siegfried Gonzi siegfried.gonzi at
Mon Aug 5 18:34:32 CEST 2002

Max M wrote:
> Kyle Babich wrote:
>> I know I want to learn C,
> Postpone this as long as possible ... Not because c is bad, but because 
> it is hard. You will have a lot more fun developing in Python as you 
> will se results much faster. Python will also teach you the "right" way 
> of writing software much faster. Which can be transfered to c when that 
> time comes.

Have to beg differ. I once red a comment (I think it was in a German 
newsgroup) from a 42 old developer (who wanted just to become a hobby 
programmer on Linux) that he found it much more straightforward to 
program in C than in Python. Note he was at that time a beginner and 
searched for help a few weeks ago in that specific newsgroup whether he 
should learn C or Python or Perl or Pascal or ... He wrote that 
everything in C makes sense to him.

I did not follow the comments in the following but the post surprised me 
that one finds C more easily to grasp than Python, especially when he is 
a novice in programming.

S. Gonzi

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