Lisp to Python translation criticism?

Mark McEahern marklists at
Mon Aug 19 15:05:43 CEST 2002

[I wrote]
> This is somewhat orthogonal to the approach Graham suggests--and I
> haven't quite yet finished his article, so forgive me if he addresses
> this--but I wonder:  Why bother filtering the content (it seems like
> so much work and worry) when you can setup TMDA?

As luck would have it, Graham touched on whitelists in the part of his
article I had not quite read before I sent the above:

Content-based spam filtering is often combined with a whitelist, a list of
senders whose mail can be accepted with no filtering. One easy way to build
such a whitelist is to keep a list of every address the user has ever sent
mail to. If a mail reader has a delete-as-spam button then you could also
add the from address of every email the user has deleted as ordinary trash.

I haven't setup TMDA yet myself, so I'm hoping to report more when I do.
Like everyone else, I suppose, I'm just getting sick of seeing spam.  It's
not that it's that much work to delete it.  It's the false promise of the
bogus new message count that wears on me day in and day out.


// m


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