Could Python supplant Java?

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Wed Aug 28 17:26:56 CEST 2002

According to FISH <joeking at>:
> > Actually, I seem to remember that NASA knew perfectly well that temperature 
> > was critically important to their o-rings. Didn't they go ahead with that 
> > launch in spite of their own rules which should have cancelled it?
> I don't think they deliberately blew up a space shuttle.  They did
> the test and they knew the results - but they didn't understand the 
> importance of the results in the circumstances.  It was a classic
> case of what I outlined above - they did a specific sets of tests
> (unit tests) with a specific set of conditions (test data) and they 
> determined the operational parameters of the o-ring components.  On 
> the day of the launch an extra factor was brought into play which
> they hadn't considered during their unit tests - the night before 
> had been very windy and cold, and that had affected the o-rings

Heh, I just happened to have finished reading Richard Feynman's "What you
do care..." He talked about this in that book.

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