Emacs Colors are driving me crazy!

TuxTrax bogusdrop at myself.com
Tue Aug 13 04:02:54 CEST 2002

sewer_clown at linuxmail.org wrote in message news:<sfb6lug73ij0ljfmnaef1a0335l8pc73ii at 4ax.com>...


> Sounds like you have just adapted Emacs to look like the rest of
> Linux.
> Too bad though because Emacs is actually one of the better Linux
> programs.

Flatfish, I have come to see you as a permanent fixture in the
newsgroups, and although I generally don't see much of value in your
posts, I also don't get riled by your comments.

So just a bit of honesty here, ok? Post as flatfish. You aren't
fooling anyone. So why bother?

Just be flatfish, and be proud enough to stick with it.



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