Tkinter window title won't change

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Thu Aug 29 09:51:54 CEST 2002

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> Hi!
> I have a problem with Tkinter. I am using Python 2.2 with Tkinter Revision
> 1.160 on SuSE Linux 8.0 with Kernel 2.4 and KDE3.
> The problem is that I can't change the title of any of my Tk()-windows. I
> tried
> root.title="Test" and
> root.wm_title="Test", as well as
> button.master.title="Test",
> but none woud actually change the title. I searched Google, but I only
> a threat asking the same question without getting an answer.
> Thanks in advance,
> Michael


although your answer has already been answered, I'll provide you with two
very good manuals for Tkinter. I can almost find out anything about Tkinter,
with those at hand.

Both are mentioned on along
with other links.

Jorgen Cederberg

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