Python threading and GUIs

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>> That's pretty gross.  Why can't you make them separate processes?
>Well right now I have settled with using fork for the time being. But
>I want to be able to use the program on multiple platforms, unix and
>windows. So I cant just use fork. Im going to have to use something
>else for making multiple processes in windows. Also when I use
>fork I have to use sockets for the two components to be able to
>communicate. It seems to me that if I was able to thread them it would
>make things a lot simpler since it will all be in the same process. If
>you have any better suggestions I'd like to hear them.

As David explained, it's nearly impossible to disentangle the GUI loops
at the user level.  What you'll need to do on Windows is use win32all
and write a fork() wrapper.
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