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"Serge Boiko" <boiko at demogr.mpg.de> wrote in message
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> I've just checked it out. Yes, ht://Dig can provide such a
> functionality, but it is an overkill. I mean it's too powerful and
> requires some maintenance. Posting my article I thought about
> something *light* -- browser plug-in would be OK.
> I need this functionality frequently but not always and updating the
> database every time I make a search would be a pain.
> -Serge

I found a web browser helper but it is Java and it may be old, but on the
right track.

IBabble, under development by Robert Bingler at the Institute for Advanced
Technology in the Humanities, is an SGML-capable synoptic text tool that can
display multiple texts in parallel windows. It uses Unicode, an ISO 16-bit
character set standard, which allows multilingual texts, using mixed
character sets, to be displayed simultaneously. IBabble also allows users to
search for strings in text or in tags, and to link open texts for scrolling
and searching.

Unix users will need to follow a somewhat different set of instructions:
first, they will need to find the file babble.sh in the install directory
for IBabble, and edit that shell script so that it reflects the correct java
bin path and IBabble Classpath (same as the IBabble install directory) for
their installations of the JDK and of IBabble. They may also need to issue
the command "chmod a+x babble.sh" from the IBabble install directory. Having
done these things:
Start Navigator (no Communicator is available for Unix at this point)
Pull down "Options" and select "General Preferences"
Click the "Helpers" tab in the "General Preferences" window
Click "New..." in the "Helpers" window
Give a Description (can be anything you want--"Unicode Files" is fine)
tab to "Type" and enter "application/unicode"
tabe to "Suffix" and enter "uni"
click on the checkbox next to "Application" in the lower half of the
"Helpers" window
browse to babble.sh (or type the filename with the correct path) in the
text-entry window under the "Application" checkbox, and then enter one space
(after "babble.sh" and type "%s" (quotation marks are not necessary around
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For windows I found search and replace a graphic utility.
One has to save the .htm file first and the open SR.

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