tkinter or wxpython?

James Kew james.kew at
Wed Aug 14 20:39:05 CEST 2002

"Bo M. Maryniuck" <b.maryniuk at> wrote in message
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> Maybe you meant 32 bit graphical shell (Winlows
> [N]eanderthal [T]echnology) for 16 bit boot virus (MS-DOS) on 8 bit
> filesystem (FAT), maked for 4 bit CPU by 2 bit company with 1 bit of
> competition? ;-)

*yawn* Isn't Windows-bashing boring? Aren't we all cross-platform here?

FWIW, I wish someone had pointed out _this_ bug more clearly before I
started using tkinter:

as so far my experience has been that my noddy tkinter GUIs run fine on
WinNT4 but crash _hard_ on exit ~30% of the time on Win98. ActivePython 2.2;
not a whisper of known tkinter issues in the release notes or documentation.

Granted, the bug reports point the finger at Tcl/Tk rather than tkinter, but
it's rather put me off considering tkinter for production solutions in our
largely Windows-based shop.


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