Microsoft Exchange and Python

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Thu Aug 8 01:48:10 CEST 2002

Lindstrom Greg - glinds wrote:
> Hello, all-
> About an hour ago I was asked I could use Python to connect into our
> corporate Microsoft Exchange mail server to retrieve and process certain
> emails.  Pulling out my copy of "Python Programming on Win32"
> (Hammond/Robinson), I quickly -- really quickly -- was able to logon and
> pull all of the subject lines out of my Inbox.  My team leader had to pick
> his jaw up off the floor!!  I have since written an object allowing him to
> access the server and list, choose, and process the specified messages.
> Very cool, indeed.


> My problem?  I would like to know all of the methods available to me using
> the win32com.client Dispatch("Mapi.Exchange") interface.  I have looked in
> the above book, as well as various on line help urls.  Please excuse my
> ignorance...I am not that familiar with Windows APIs.  Any help you can
> provide would be appreciated.

Try searching MSDN for "CDO" - Collaboration Data Objects - the new 
buzword for these technologies.

This search resulted in a few overviews and samples that may point you 
in the right direction.

If you dont mind browsing, use makepy then check out the generated .py 
file (in the win32com\gen_py directory).  This should show you all the 
methods and properties - just no info on how to use them ;)


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