still struggling with alt install directory when running "silent"

Skip Montanaro skip at
Tue Aug 20 22:28:04 CEST 2002

Earlier I asked if there was a way to specify an alternative install
directory when running the WISE installer with the /silent flag.  Thomas
Heller responded with some information from the WISE help file which
described the /X flag which looked promising:

    /X pathname extracts files into pathname

I then tried:

    Python-2.1.3.exe /x c:\temp\tmp\2.1.3

after creating the aforementioned directory.  Alas, this caused the
installer to completely flatten the directory tree, installing *all* files
in that directory.  Packages were squashed, .py files and .html files were
mixed together, etc.

Is there some way to specify an alternative install directory which
preserves the directory structure, something like configure's --prefix=dir
option?  Recall, my intent is to run this using /silent, so the usual
interactive directory selection mechanism isn't available.


Skip Montanaro
skip at

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