Could Python supplant Java?

Tom Davies tomdavies at
Mon Aug 19 12:01:56 CEST 2002

David Brown wrote:

>     5) The use of "__" for hiding private members is genial - users of a
> class can access private members if they really *really* have to, without
> making them fully visible to everyone else.  In stricter languages like
> C++ or Java, class members typically start of private but get changed to
> being public during development when it turns out that they are needed
> externally. With python, interfaces can be designed neatly and stay neat.

No, any competent developer adds accessor functions, which still hide the 


>     2) Java has strongly typed variables that are declared before use,
> Python has run-time typing and variables are defined as needed.  Each
> system has its advantages and disadvantages.

That would kill Python for me. I like compile time type-checking.


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what we do. We are all equally responsible for its success."
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