Opening file in Excel

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Thu Aug 22 04:34:07 CEST 2002

Lemniscate wrote:
> "dsavitsk" <dsavitsk at> wrote in message news:<buT79.3072$yt3.1265418 at>...
>>have you tried using the whole file path? i.e. -> 'C:\\my\\path\\mytest.xls'
>>also, instead of throwing the file name at XL, see if the file exists first.
>>>>>import os.path
>>>>>if os.path.exists(filename):
>>...    lf.xlBook = self.xlApp.Workbooks.Open(filename)
> Sorry for the delayed response, an unexpected twist at work has kept
> me away from the computer.
> Yes, my original message included the line "Using the full path of the
> file results in the
> exact same thing."  Here is a complete interactive session to show
> what I mean...

Maybe Excel doesnt like the forward slashes, or the spaces without 
quotes, or the time of the day?  Either way, it is unlikely to be a 
Python specific issue - if you write a quick VBScript app with the same 
hardcoded path name, I would expect to see it fail in the same way.

Experiment a little - try "c:\\test.xls", for example, and work back 
from that.


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