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Dave Kuhlman dkuhlman at
Wed Aug 14 18:47:54 CEST 2002

I've enhanced

What it does -- takes a XML Schema definition of an
XML document type and generates Python source code that defines
classes that can be used to represent the elements in that document
type.  It also generates a parser that will load an XML document of
that type into instances of the generated Python classes.

What I've added -- The ability to generate a separate file
containing subclasses of the element generation classes.  This will
make it more convenient for user/developers to add customizing
methods to the classes, to add customizing behaviors in different
tasks in different files, etc.

I've also written a document that compares the use of XSLT and for the purpose of performing transformations on XML

You can find it at:

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

  - Dave

Dave Kuhlman
dkuhlman at

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