Build bugs in Python 2.2.1?

Lars Kellogg-Stedman lars_news at
Sun Aug 11 23:51:14 CEST 2002


I haven't really had the chance to participate in this discussion since 
starting the thing off, but I'd like to ask you a few questions since it 
sounds like you're involved in the development or maintenance of distutils.

To recap, the problems I've encountered with the Python build process are:

(1) Compiler and linker flags specified to configure and propogated to 
the toplevel Makefile are not communicated to the module build process, and

(2) makes up directories to search for libraries in, resulting 
in incorrect and possibly broken library dependencies.

It's worth noting that I'm not trying anything particularly exotic, 
either -- I'm simply installing Python into a prefix other than /usr/local.

In following the discussion here between you and Jonathan, et al., it's 
not clear to me what the solution is to my problem.  I'd like to make 
Python available our users, but I don't want to fight the build process, 
so I'm hoping you can suggest a clean solution.

Is there any way, with the tools included in python 2.2.1, to get all 
the extension modules to build with the correct compiler and linker flags?


-- Lars

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