optimization question

Terry Reedy tjreedy at udel.edu
Tue Aug 13 04:14:41 CEST 2002

"Peter Hansen" <peter at engcorp.com> wrote in message
news:3D585156.8CBFA06 at engcorp.com...
> Andrew Koenig wrote:
> > As I understand it, one of the tenets of XP is that once the tests
> > pass, you're done.
> That notion is far too simplistic and naive to be considered a
> of XP.  It may be one of the pat phrases used in trying to
> some of the principles involved to newcomers, but few people think
> the world is so black and white as that.

There is also acceptance testing (story tests) writen by the
user/customer or representative thereof.  As I understand it, the
programmers decide when they think they are done.  The users decide if
they agree.  This is part of the separation of function which is
another XP tenet.


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