Need help configuring pyrex for primes.pyx example

John Hunter jdhunter at
Fri Aug 2 05:38:31 CEST 2002

>>>>> "David" == David Lees <debl2nonospamykwamm at> writes:

    David> [debl at whiplash Demos] gcc -shared primes.o -o
    David> [debl at whiplash Demos] Segmentation fault (core

    David> I assume my problem is in the linking, because I am
    David> clueless as to what the '-lxosd' on the command line of his
    David> link is.

Well, your post makes no other reference to -lxosd ... but it means:
links with the library libxosd.[so|a]

But if the session you pasted is accurate, you problem is that you are
trying to execute a library, and that makes makes no sense.

Where you typed in the text above, do instead
# python
>>> load primes

What is happening is that you are compiling an extension to the python
library (  This is a C library.  It cannot be executed (what
you in effect tried to do by typing  But it can be loaded
into python.

Or I'm very confused.  Definitely one or the other.

John Hunter

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