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Bengt Richter bokr at
Fri Aug 16 10:01:00 CEST 2002

On 15 Aug 2002 15:48:56 -0400, aahz at (Aahz) wrote:
>similar constructs in other languages.  Especially don't confuse the
>issue further by re-using Python terminology in idiosyncratic ways; in
>Python, "sequences" refer strictly to array-like objects (lists, tuples,
>and strings).  "Stream" seems to be gaining some popularity to refer to
>the output of an iterator.

Is there an official glossary of Python terminology? Seems like it would
be a good thing as a section of the docs, and referenced in introduction,
tutorial, etc. (I know I'm taking a risk, not having searched before posting this ;-)

Bengt Richter

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