Windows Infrared Port Programming (using USPP)

Steven sadams123 at
Thu Aug 29 16:46:58 CEST 2002

"Scott Brady Drummonds" <scott.b.drummonds at> wrote in message

> I meant programming as in using it as a serial device.  I just want to be
> able to exchange data between my ThinkPad 600 and my Nokia 3360.  I did
> experimentation that made me *think* that an IR port wasn't a COM port,
> obviously I was wrong.

My girlfriend has a ThinkPad 600, I'll have a look on that and see if I can
get something going on it.

> 3)  I'm hoping that after I can verify that some data is being
> I can reverse engineer the command language that Nokia uses to communicate
> with the phone (I can't find the command language on-line).  Maybe my
> premise is flawed.

I use Roger Burnham's Serial package, which was a doddle to get some basic
communications going with my Ericsson T68.

Try sending some basic AT commands e.g. 'ATI\015' should get the modem to
identify itself.

You could take a look at the codes used in Gnokii

Its a Nokia specific tool, so it'd surely be of some use.


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