Question: How to execute an EXE with Python?

Jirka 'Eagle' Novak eagle at
Tue Aug 27 04:45:29 EDT 2002

> Hi Peter,
>     Thanks for the tip, but it did not work. Sorry. :-(
>     I am trying to run an executable whose source code was
>     written in C. All it does is to open a file, write integers
>     from 0 to 100 into this output file, close it and exit. A very
>     simple and prosaic test.
>     Nonetheless, I get a "0" (zero) as exit status when I execute
>     the command you suggested. That means, as fas as I know,
>     that the execution had been well-succeeded. But I cannot find
>     the output file anywhere on the hard disk, however. What the
>     problem might be?
>     Thanks once again for your help.

I suggest to change the C code so that its output goes to stdout. Then 
use os.popen in python to read the output.

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