Python For Windows XP?

Tim Peters at
Thu Aug 22 19:09:55 EDT 2002

> I've tried downloading it many times and I have been using this OS for
> months.  I think that I will report the problem to and see
> what they have to say about it.

I'll save you the trouble <wink>:  we have no history of XP problem reports,
so have nothing else to add.  Make sure you have enough disk space, close
all non-essential programs (including virus scanners) for the duration of
the install (hint:  if there's a lot of crap in your system tray, expect
problems with lots of installers), make sure you're current with Windows
Update, install with admin privs if possible, accept the defaults the
installer suggests, and then it blows up or it doesn't.  Reports of problems
are extremely rare since we moved up to Wise 8.14.  We had report from a
poor soul who could only get it to work if he used the keyboard exclusively
to respond to install prompts, strictly avoiding the mouse.  Presumably
there was some low-level conflict with his mouse driver.  It's Windows --
that's the best answer you ever get for these things <0.6 wink>.

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