Out-denting multiline comments

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> > > Is there a standard idiom for un-tabbing, de-denting, un-denting (or
> > There's been talk of exposing this functionality outside of this one
> > though (since it is useful for things other than docstrings).
> Yes, it was discussed on Python-Dev a while back (until Guide told us
> to move the discussion here), and apparently implementing a "dedent"
> method in the upcoming textwrap module got some support. What is not
> clear, however, is who should implement (ie copy-paste from inspect)
> the method. I was told to "go for it", which probably means that it's
> good idea - but having no write access to python CVS means someone
> else should probably do it.

Not at all. Anybody can submit a patch (best as context diffs from the CVS
source) to the SourceForge site for consdideration and potential inclusion
by a developer with commit access. And, of course, read access to the CVS
code base is public!

This means that you are undoubtedly the best person for the job, as nobody
else will be so motivated.

looking-forward-to-seeing-the-patch-ly y'rs  - steve
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