[Zope] iteration through list with dtml-tags

John Hunter jdhunter at ace.bsd.uchicago.edu
Tue Aug 6 14:12:33 EDT 2002

>>>>> "Axel" == Axel Bock <news-and-lists at the-me.de> writes:

    Axel> Hi, I have a little problem: an SQL query delivers me a list
    Axel> of [(name, firstname, id, email), ...]  and I want to put
    Axel> this in a table, but OUT OF ORDER.

    Axel> So my question is how do I crate a table like this: |
    Axel> firstname lastname | email | id | which is not possible with
    Axel> "normal" <dtml-in>-iteration.

Unless I'm misunderstanding your problem, this should not present any
difficulties.  For example, if your zope Z SQL Method is named
'select_sql', you can create the table like so:

  <dtml-in select_sql sort="last">
      <th><dtml-var first> <dtml-var last></th>
      <td><dtml-var email></td>
      <td><dtml-var id></td>

The sort argument lets you sort on any table column, and within the
dtml-in tags, you can reference the fields n any order you wish.

    Axel> I strongly hope someone can help me!

And I strongly hope this helped!

John Hunter

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