Web application framework. Which one?

Mahesh Padmanabhan news at nospam.eml.cc
Tue Aug 27 22:35:22 CEST 2002


I love programming in Python. I came across a golden opportunity to
develop a web site where I get to choose the technology.

I was thinking of using a combination of Apache, Python and

I know that choice is good, but I seem to have too many of them with
regards to a web development framework using Python!

I am hoping that people with real world experience could help me out
in choosing the correct combination in terms of my needs for:

Stability/Reliability, Speed, Scalability and Ease of Development
(strictly in that order). 

This project has a tight deadline of about 3 months.

This site will get maybe 10-20 simultaneous hits but that number could
rise exponentially based on popularity.

I have come across the following options and I don't know much about
them. Maybe there are more:

1) Zope
2) Webware
3) Skunkweb
4) mod_python ( not really a web framework )
5) Quixote

Any help would be appreciated.

Mahesh Padmanabhan


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