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François Pinard pinard at
Mon Aug 5 13:55:03 EDT 2002

[Siegfried Gonzi]

> [...] the post surprised me that one finds C more easily to grasp than
> Python, especially when he is a novice in programming.

Many years ago, I met an architect who was giving into FORTRAN programming,
with a bit of assembler.  Since he had a lot of energy, dynamism and
enthusiasm, I had a lot of pleasure diving into various discussions with him.

To my surprise, he was pretty reluctant to any form of higher abstractions,
like those found in Pascal, LISP or Simula (all popular at the time).
He explained to me that whenever using these abstractions, he just could
never stop his own mind from translating these into more machine oriented
paradigms all along, and this constant translation was more burdening
than helpful.  So, for him at least, these abstractions were encumbrances.

So yes, everything is possible, and some people might prefer C to Python! :-)

François Pinard

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