ANN: WeaselWeb 1.2

R.Marquez ny_r_marquez at
Wed Aug 14 13:58:30 CEST 2002

This may interest you if have a Palm Pilot, or if you are interested
in custom parsing html files.

Those of you with Palm Pilots may be familiar with Weasel reader
(  I really like this
reader because, besides being free software, it gives the best
compression that I have seen, and it allows for bookmarks to be
generated on the fly as it converts from txt format to its ztxt (pdb)

The problem for me was that the converter did not know how to handle
html files.  So I wrote a little Python program to do this and I
called it WeaselWeb.  It is licensed as free software under the GPL. 

WeaselWeb will attempt to convert html files by preserving many of 
the characteristics of the original file, such as tables, bullets, and 
other formatting features.  If you are interested, get it from here:

There is a nice self installing package for Windows.  However, the
Linux version will need a little help since I do not yet have a usable
Linux machine.  I would like to eventually create a standalone version
for Linux as well. (If some one would like to help with this, please
be my guest.)

Any way, I hope you enjoy it.


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