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In article <Xns926026611E674rcamesz at amesz.demon.nl>,
Robert Amesz  <rcamesz at dds.nl> wrote:
>that language is anything but extensive. The everything-is-a-string 
>paradigm is interesting and pretty unique, but also limiting. The 
See <URL: http://wiki.tcl.tk/everything > for
commentary on just this subject.
>syntax seems to have been designed to help the interpreter rather than 
>the programmer, (IMHO, of course.) I suppose it will take a little 
That's a valid and important criticism--of other
languages.  Whether it applies to Tcl is less
certain.  Perhaps it helps to regard Tcl's
syntax as degenerate; like Forth and Lisp, it's
not supposed to have a syntax.

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