Supplant?! (Re: Could Python supplant Java?)

Bo M. Maryniuck b.maryniuk at
Wed Aug 21 15:07:56 CEST 2002

Python supplant Java? Heh... This is not for commetial. First, it could 
supplant "line-noisish" Perl from the Web.

This is the same, as Linux still so fa-a-a-ar can't supplant even Amiga 
(what?! Microsoft?!!). There was hall of shame when Ximian founder work on 
*Mac* with Mac OS X during LinuxWorld 2002... Nuts!

P.S. Note, that I never told that Linux or Python is worse than Windoze or 
Perl. ;-)

Regards, Bogdan

If C gives you enough rope to hang yourself, C++ gives you enough rope
to bind and gag your neighborhood, rig the sails on a small ship, and
still have enough rope left over to hang yourself from the yardarm.

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