(slightly OT): Python and linux - very cool

Matthew Gardiner matgarnz at mail.ru
Sat Aug 3 16:40:00 CEST 2002

>>> Roy Culley<rgc at swissonline.ch> 2/08/2002 12:32:33 a.m. >>>
>In article <aibggq$135al0$2 at id-150829.news.dfncis.de>,
>>>That's it in a nutshell. All I can add is that it is fun too. To me
>>>that's one of the huge differences between *nix and MS OS's.  No
>>>wonder the wintrolls are grumpy all the time. So would I be if I was
>>>forced to use that crap day in day out. That's another freedom that
>>>OSS provides.
>> Knowledge is freedom, freedom is power. Power to leave the Microsoft
>> flock and develop your own concepts and ideas. Something Microsoft
>> supporters fear. The know that ignorance is what keep many people
>> from not trying alternatives, and unfortunately, those who challenge
>> this invisible cage are "knocked", where as the UNIX community will
>> praise you as you become more knowledgable.
>If I was a religious person I would say amen. :-)

Amen is hebrew, IIRC, for "I confirm".

Matthew Gardiner

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