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Quoth noah at (Noah):
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|> I need your help with this case:
|> Program from comp A calls program written in python on comp B. The
|> program on comp B calls program C and should quit and not beeing
|> blocked waiting when program C finish(program C will be a long running
|> task). What mechanism in python should I use in program B to implement
|> that?

| I'm not sure what comp A has to do with it. 
| It seems that your problem is the same even if described without comp A.
| It sounds like you want to create a daemon process using Python.
| In UNIX this requires a "double fork" to detatch a process
| from the controlling terminal (login shell). The following code

You could be right, but if you suppose that he's talking about a
remote shell type of thing, that's basically like popen with a
TCP pipe.  In this case, you don't have a controlling terminal or
any of the attendant issues, it's just pipe open vs. pipe closed -
so program C probably doesn't need to do anything, just invoke it
with input, output and error redirected.

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