Problem automating outlook with python

xWestler NoThanks at ^*^#*&
Mon Aug 26 16:55:37 CEST 2002

In article <c9d82136.0208232015.f064035 at>, 
noah at says...
> The problem is that you are using a lowercase "add". You want "Add".
> The attachment line should read:
>     message.Attachments.Add(r"c:\Test.txt")
> I don't know what the "add" method is, but apparently it is something -- 
> just not the same thing as "Add" :-) I could not find "add" documented.
> Probably it is inherited from somewhere.
> Also, you want the raw style string r"...", otherwise the \ in c:\
> will get treated as an escape character and might confuse things.
> It's always good to use raw strings when working with Windows style path names.
> Yours,
> Noah

Thank you very much Noah.  That did it.

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