Lisp to Python translation criticism?

Erik Max Francis max at
Tue Aug 20 21:36:54 CEST 2002

damien morton wrote:

> I guess you get a better class of spam than I do :) You certainly get
> a lot more of it than I do.
> I neglected to mention that I have several accounts, the most prolific
> of which of which I apply a more stringent rule to. This rule rejects
> emails with the word "unsubscribe" in them.
> You omitted the test for <your-email-address> in the body of the spam.
> Also, the recipients test is for email sent solely to you, not for
> mail obviously addressed to you. That is, your email address is the
> only recipient. Anything sent to to multiple or unknown recipients
> (including to you), from someone not in your whitelist, is rejected.
> Anything sent only to you is accepted.
> Id be interested to see what your results look like once you implement
> the rules properly (assuming you havent already).

I'm not interesting in fully implementing the rules you use, since I
already have an extremely effective spam filtering system in place,
based on more elaborate rules that I have built up over years.

I was just attempting to at least partially back up my claim, based on
from experience of getting hundreds of spam emails a day for years, that
while a set of simple rules will get most spam, "most" isn't very
sufficient when you get huge volumes of spam.

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