Using Tk code directly from Tkinter

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Tue Aug 27 19:51:21 CEST 2002

In article <946D85627FA3D219.9145EC7E48D59742.D0234BA543F6A756 at>,
I told a falsehood:
>In article <3d6b496a at>,
>Volker Dobler <volker.dobler at> wrote:
>>I'd like to use Tk code directly in Tkinter:
>>gnuplot can produce plot output as Tk commands stored
>>in a file ''. Basically a procedure gnuplot is defined
>>which needs a canvas widget. Calling this procedure will
>>draw the plot in the given canvas.  Is it possible to feed
>>such a file into Tk via Tkinter or would it be easier to
>>write a new terminal for gnuplot which outputs Tkinter
>>code to be execed in Python?
>Yes, it is possible to ask Tkinter to interpret Tcl
>There are a couple of ways to go about this.  Does
>  import Tkinter
>"source myscript.tcl")
>give you the start you want? 
Answer:  of course not, because it's utterly wrong.
is far closer.  I sent out the wrong draft; I apologize
to those who trusted my previous message.

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