Windows Infrared Port Programming (using USPP)

Scott Brady Drummonds scott.b.drummonds at
Thu Aug 29 20:18:58 CEST 2002

"Dennis Lee Bieber" <wlfraed at> wrote in message
news:aklmvi$ga3$1 at
>         I presume a Windows system.
>         Under the Control Panel you should find a tool for "Infrared";
> it, pick the "Options" tab.

My OS (Windows 2000) doesn't have an Infrared option under Control Panel.
It does, however, have a 'Wireless Link' option.  This option doesn't have
an "Options" tab.  Under the wireless link "Hardware" tab, I can select
options, then the resources tab.  This explains that this defice is using
IRQ3, IO 0x2f8-0x2ff.  But, no COM port is mentioned.

>         My laptop shows: enable infrared communication on /COM2/
> followed by: Providing application support on COM4 and LPT3
>         I believe this indicates that I would use COM4 in a program, the
> takes the COM4 data and handles the conversion to Infrared protocol
> with the IR port being a physical COM2 for interrupt purposes.

I think that you're right.  I've had more success with COM4 recently.  I've
been able to write "AT" commands (using USPP) to the device and then
observed that 33 characters were available for reading!  (This must be some
sort of a response from the device.)  However, attempts to read the port
failed with exceptions thrown.  I've contacted the USPP owner and will try
another serial package in the meantime.


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