[ANN] SkunkWeb 3.3 Released

Andrew Csillag drew_csillag at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 15 11:44:37 EDT 2002

Release 3.3 of The SkunkWeb Web Application Server has just
been released.

The release is available from the SkunkWeb home page at

or directly from

Changes in 3.3
* Developer's manual updated
* fix to PyDO/mysql so that you can put NULL values into columns
* minor change to handling of python code files (__name__ is now set
  to '__main__' in the document namespace), so precompiled Cheetah
  templates work.
* fix to the cachekey generator so it won't dump core under certain
---3.3 beta 0 cut
* the build process was revised to facilitate changing the installed
  directory structure using standard configure options; FHS-compliant
  packaging and installation is now feasible.
* PSP support added.  For now should be considered alpha
* Prebuilt documentation is now included in the distribution (HTML and
  paper-formats in letter dimensions)
* now can have skunkweb started as root (can set who you actually want
  it to run as) so you can bind to low ports
* new extcgi service so you can run CGI's from SkunkWeb!
* new pycgi service for running Python CGI's in process -- still in
* vfs.FS has new method, split_extra(), that finds extra path info;
  the rewrite service has a new DynamicRewriter subclass,
  ExtraPathFinder, which takes advantage of it (although a simple
  rewrite rule is still more efficient to use when possible -- see the
* fixed userModuleCleanup bugs when using MySQL service and/or used
  <:img:> tag with PIL installed.
* pydo/mysql now supports connection caching using the mysql service.
* PyDO documentation updates
* The userdir service will now function properly when operating with a
  scoped docroot
* Now converts non-native line-endings in exprs to the native line
  ending so that when editing templates on non-native machines,
  expressions will work properly
* auth service fix when using multiple auth schemes simultaneously --
  If you customized the login/logout pages copied from the auth
  service directory, NOTE THE FOLLOWING CHANGE!!
  change the <:import SkunkWeb Configuration:> to <:import auth:>
  change the Configuration.authAuthorizer bits to auth.getAuthorizer().
  If you copied them and didn't change them, recopy them.
* the logger now handles some really bizarre cases that shouldn't ever
  happen in reality (but of course have, or I wouldn't have fixed
  them).  Oh the benefits of a machine with bad memory to make you
  test for things that shouldn't happen.

Very best wishes to all,


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