Problem - how to solve it ?

Matthew Sherborne miracle at
Thu Aug 1 00:08:16 CEST 2002

GPFs are fired when some C code crashes not python code. In the error it 
should give the name of a DLL or say python.exe.

To find what part of your code is causing the error, do print messages, 
or write to a log file in the area around where the program crashes.

Start in the highest level of the code, print a line before and after 
each sub routine is called, where the print outs stop, go to the sub 
routine after the last print out and put a bunch of print lines between 
all the sections in that and re-run. Keep narrowing it down like this. :)

It may a bug in some windows DLL, so you could either fix it, or release 
a "Known Issues.txt" file with the program, letting them know that they 
must update their windows release if this happens. :)

Matthew Sherborne

A wrote:

>I have a program that I compiled( with Installer) into exe for using 
>on Win32 systems. It works well on Windows Me, Windows 9x but 
>on some computers with Windows 2000 it causes General 
>Protection Error and the programs is finished. It would be nice if the 
>program wrote a line number or something similar that could help a 
>user find out which command caused that General Protection 
>Error. Is there any solution for that?
>Thank you for help
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