Python embedded - linking problem on Linux - trying again

Kim Petersen kp at
Mon Aug 12 09:50:26 EDT 2002

When creating an embedded python in an RM/Cobol-85 interpretor, i have 
the following problem:

It seems that i have to link all the modules (the .so's) that i need 
with the new dynamic link library, isn't it at all possible to make it 
(the python embedded interpretor) just find the .so's like the regular 
interpretor does?

Below is the snippet from the Makefile that i use to compile the new .so

CFLAGS=-fPIC -rdynamic
COPTIMIZE=-w -O3 -m486 -fomit-frame-pointer -pipe
LIBS=-ldl -lpython1.5 -lm -lpthread -ltk


FILES=usrsub.c rmc85.c


/usr/bin/rmcobolso/ rmc85.c rmc85.h
	@echo Making
	@$(CC) -shared $(CFLAGS) $(LDFLAGS) \
  $(COPTIMIZE) -D__NOUSR_SUB__ -o $@ rmc85.c $(DLLS) $(LIBS)

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