Paul Rubin phr-n2002b at
Sun Aug 11 07:53:51 CEST 2002

"a.clarke11" <a.clarke11 at> writes:
> And more seriously, why is it that most contributors here are male? Are
> most programmers male, if so why? Are we more singleminded, logical,patient
> and analytical? surely not?

I don't know about logical or analytical, and males are probably less
patient than females.  But they very well might be more singleminded
(you rarely hear of stalkers being female) and they are certainly more
aggressive.  Those attributes are very important in programming.  If
you think of the times you've spent days without sleep chasing down a
bug, "patience" probably doesn't describe your mental state during the
process.  "Obsession" or "fury" might be closer.

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