TIOBE; defintion of rating index.

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at pythonware.com
Wed Aug 14 20:57:32 CEST 2002

GerritM wrote:

> In fact 1 and 2 are related. The criteria we use are quite simple. Take a
> language related with computers and search in Google on +"<language>
> programming". This results in all hits of pages where the publisher sees
> this <language> as programming related. Python scores according to this
> criterium today 1,8 (17.500 hits). Try it yourself. That is somewhat less
> than the 17.800 hits of August 1st 2002. By the way Python ids increasing
> strongly the last few months.
> For XML the counter is 21.300. Apparantly more than 20,000 site owners think
> that XML has to do something with programming, which is significantly more
> than for instance people  relate COBOL to programming.

now, just because people mention "FOO programming", they don't
necessarily talk about "FOO" as a programming language, but "FOO"
as something that you can write programs for, or something that
may appear on the television.

(of the top ten "XML programming" hits, only one talk about the
"XML programming language".  for Python, all hits except possibly
"programming python on win32" are clearly related to the language
itself. that gives us ~15,000 hits vs. ~2,100 hits)

btw, here are some other well-known languages:

    "computer" -> 570,000 hits
    "sex" -> 13,600 hits
    "tcl" -> 2,760 hits
    "women" -> 1,050 hits
    "men" -> 147 hits


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