So utterly confused w/ various XML libraries

Robb Shecter rs at
Mon Aug 5 23:55:20 CEST 2002

Thanks for the great information!

Martin v. Loewis wrote:

> Using SAX instead of DOM is even faster, and using the plain parser 
 > API is yet faster...
> minidom/cdomlette are indeed faster DOM implementations than 4DOM, but
> they also lack features...
> sgmlop is an XML parser that does not create a tree at all, but it is
> quite fast...

So, now since I'm (in this case) using these XML libraries only through 
the high-level ZSI SOAP API, it's still unclear to me whether I can make 
any of these substitutions.

I just read through some of the docs for PyXML, and apparently it uses 
sgmlop when it can.  Is there a flag or a way to determine if it has 
actually been found and is being used?


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