Could Python supplant Java?

Chad Myers cmyers at
Mon Aug 19 10:41:05 EDT 2002

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> Not offering any personal opinion on this conjecture, but a lot of people
> are saying that java has failed to become a widely accepted cross platform
> language for applications.

For desktop applications? I'd agree. It's doing quite well on the
server side,though.

> These leaves the world defenseless against the Microsoft Borg.

*sigh*... idiots.

> But could Python do the trick? The python interpreter is smaller than the
> JRE, and it's certainly a nicely structured language, with nearly all the
> coding features of Java.

We used both Python and Java. Python's great, but it has a ways to go
in some areas. We used Python for smaller tasks that the JRE's bloat
made no sense for. We had a Python/Tcl/Tk installer that would configure
the system and get everything ready and then start the app server and
launch our server/web-based application which was written in Java.

Both these tools performed their tasks very well and were easy to work
with because we used them in a way which was consistent with their


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