How your company think about python?

Armin Steinhoff a-steinhoff at
Tue Aug 20 19:58:58 CEST 2002


I have just completed a PROFIBUS DP configurator ... it's a very
complex industrial piece of software (PROFIBUS is a fieldbus ..) This
tool is based on Python, the embedded SQL DB gadfly and PyQt.

'gadfly' helps a lot in handling of a huge amount of configuration
So there are no speed problems with huge dictionaries ...

The configurator will be available for QNX6, Win NT (or other) and
It was very interesting to see how Python can cut the development
(buffer conversions in two lines :)  a.s.o ..)


d2002xx <d2002xx at> wrote in message news:<20020818190150.09802b6e.d2002xx at>...
> Hi all.
> I've posted a similiar message in, just for
> curious, but it seems that most people don't know about python...
> Would you tell me how your company (or your boss, colleagues) think
> about python? A possible next-generation mainstream? Or just another
> script? Or they even never heard it?
> Also, If your company wants to create a new software, will you
> recommand them to use python even if your boss/colleagues don't know
> about it? How you tell them the benefits from python? Why or why not?

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