Is it worth learning python?

Dag dag at
Thu Aug 22 19:00:08 CEST 2002

In article <337619fa.0208211042.419e0e46 at>, Raphael Ribeiro wrote:
> But I don't know if this
> language is well-accepted in the market and if having a good python
> knowledge would give me a good job.. 

The thing I like about Python as a learning language is that it's clean
and simple enough to get you started almost right away yet powerful 
enough to cover almost every programming task.  Also I find that its 
syntax and gramar is very good for teaching and learning good basic 
proramming habits.

Basically learning to program is hard, learning a new language once you
know how to program is quite easy.  Python will have you learning how to
program faster and better than any other language I have seen.  If you
want to stick with python or move on to other languages afterwards is up
to you.  


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