McMillan Installer and KDE

Harald Schneider h_schneider at
Sun Aug 11 19:09:10 CEST 2002


Gordon, thanks for the fast reply!

> There's a mail list for Installer: see the bottom of


> Runw is only for Windows (where a console-less app
> has a WinMain, not a main). If you don't have debugging
> on, Installer won't write to stdout.

Debugging is off.

> If you don't use --onefile and you don't use the "f" option
> (which forces LD_LIBRARY_PATH), you won't get a child
> process (it's done with execvp, not fork, because I need
> the environment re-scanned).

No one of these options is on.

> I don't run KDE, so I don't know what their requirements
> are for a "KDE Link" (whatever that is).

A KDE link is a Windows like shortcut on the desktop, not a symbolic unix
like link.

I solved the prob with setting a reference (in the properties of the Link)
to a script.
The script has just one line, that which calles my executable.

When starting a script, a usual shell environment is provided to the
Installer packed app.
And that seems the poblem with that KDE Links, they seem not to provide an
environment to the applikation.

Thanks a lot,

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